Being in the payments business for over 50 years, Global Payments started as a specialised data processing service in the USA. What follows is a history of multiple acquisitions, launching new services and processing more credit card transactions than any other company in the world.

Renamed to Global Payments Inc. in 2000, the company delivers enterprise-wide applications, services and cloud solutions that enable businesses to simplify their operations and provide a customer friendly payment experience anytime, anywhere and in any form they choose.

The unique strategy of Global Payments encompasses developing software and partnering with providers to deliver highly competitive eCommerce and omnichannel solutions in a global economy. Their strategy has created a unique model in the payments technology landscape.

As a result, Global Payments acquired Ezidebit in October 2014 and eWAY in April 2016, solidifying their place in the AU/NZ payments market. Global Payments continues to grow as a forward-looking leader, changing the payments industry landscape with constant innovation.