AsiaNext selects Pico for groundbreaking digital assets exchange

AsiaNext selects Pico for groundbreaking digital assets exchange

Pico, a leading provider of mission-critical technology, data and analytic services for the financial markets community, today announced that AsiaNext has selected Pico’s Corvil Cloud Analytics to monitor the performance of digital securities and crypto trading on their digital exchange.

Building on Corvil Analytic’s two-decade legacy in the financial services sector, the new partnership underscores the platform’s unmatched capability in extracting and correlating technology and transaction performance intelligence from dynamic network environments. With its high throughput, lossless, and granular time-stamped data capture, Corvil Cloud Analytics remains the industry’s gold standard, extending its reach to the rapidly evolving world of digital asset and cryptocurrency trading.

“Our latest integration with Corvil Cloud Analytics marks a new era in digital asset trading,” said Keng Yin, CTO, AsiaNext. “This powerful tool empowers us with real-time, in-depth insights and facilitates smarter and faster transactions backed by the most precise data available.”

Key Benefits of Corvil Cloud Analytics for the Crypto Derivatives Exchange:

  • Maximum Visibility: Ensures comprehensive oversight of every order and market data tick across all client connections, enabling responsive and precise client support.
  • Granular Instrumentation: Offers per-packet and per-application message analytics across every hop in the exchange’s cloud-hosted infrastructure. AsiaNext will use this data to make continuous performance improvements to maximize clients’ execution outcomes on the exchange.
  • Transparency: AsiaNext will leverage the Corvil data to provide a detailed record of all client activity to help resolve issues regardless of fault. Speed to resolution and insights that lead to improvements for both clients and the exchange are the key outcomes of Corvil Cloud Analytics.

“The world of digital asset and crypto spot/derivatives trading demands the highest levels of precision, transparency, and reliability. Our partnership with this new Singapore-based exchange underscores the trust the industry places in Corvil Cloud Analytics to deliver on these fronts,” said Ken Jinks, Executive Director, Product Management at Pico. “As the digital securities and crypto market space continues to expand and diversify, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront, bringing the Corvil track record in traditional finance to this unique environment, enabling AsiaNext to adapt quickly and meet the needs of their clients.”

Corvil Analytics is currently used by the world’s largest banks, exchanges, electronic market makers, quantitative hedge funds, data service providers and brokers in the traditional finance market. Now, Corvil Cloud Analytics provides the same highly granular visibility for crypto markets to help maximize business outcomes in this emerging market. This partnership with AsiaNext continues to solidify Pico’s position as a leader in the realm of financial technology, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks for excellence.