Currency with FinTech

Currency has always been the backbone of our modern society and since the day we stopped swapping gold with its real value for paper and coins with only agreed value we have been advancing the way we deal with currency. Today we can trade currency across the community and across the world without ever actually touching the notes and coins we once considered the most important part of our economy.

In an era that requires only the digital version of what money represents we no longer need to focus on what the Treasury of each country can produce and can now re-imagine what currency is and how it fits into our lives. Digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) are seeing a rise in interest across the world and while most of us have heard of Bitcoin there are a great number of alternatives that are all fighting for dominance. The way we spend our own money is also changing with the biggest companies in the world all competing to become a leader in the digital wallets we will use to make payments in the future. Add the Peer-to-Peer to approach sweeping the FinTech industry and you will even see you can carry our foreign exchange trades directly with individuals and companies across the world.

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