Deel launches Deel physical spend cards worldwide, powered by Airwallex

Deel launches Deel physical spend cards worldwide, powered by Airwallex

Deel have announced the global launch of its physical spend card, now accessible for contractors in 20 countries, with many more planned to land soon. This brings contractors one step closer to accessible global purchasing power, allowing them to gain instant access to their earnings, shop worldwide, pay securely, and hold their money in a more stable currency.

The Deel Card acts as a spend card (both virtual & physical), empowering contractors to make purchases and payments with ease wherever they are, and avoiding the hassle of waiting for funds to clear in their bank account before they can access them. Now, with Deel Card, they can start spending their hard-earned income immediately.

Contractors usually face challenges when it comes to managing finances. Deel Card gives them the flexibility to spend their funds the way they want. Furthermore, receiving funds and spending them in USD can be difficult for those without a US-based bank. Now, the Deel Card can allow contractors to hold their balance in USD, providing greater stability and flexibility, no matter where their life (or work) takes them.

The Deel Card is a global VISA card powered by Airwallex, a leading global payments and financial platform for modern businesses. Airwallex’s infrastructure allows Deel to set up accounts in multiple locations, and issue local cards to customers in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and several other markets. By issuing a card locally, Deel contractors can take advantage of lower costs and higher acceptance rates when making purchases compared to international cards.

“Our focus at Deel is to offer contractors the best payments experience possible and that includes flexibility and speed. Now with Deel’s physical card, they’ll be able to access their money faster and in USD, no matter their location,” says Dan Westgarth, Chief Operations Officer at Deel.

“The ability to operate across borders can unlock substantial growth for companies of all sizes – by accelerating international expansion, optimizing supply chains, or attracting the best talent,” said Ravi Adusumilli, Executive General Manager, Americas, Airwallex. “Deel and Airwallex have a shared goal of shaping the future of work, by allowing contractors to receive and spend their earnings anytime, anywhere, and in their preferred currency.”

How does it work?

Requesting a Deel Card is as simple as a few taps on the Deel app. Once approved and delivered, contractors will be ready to use it for all their physical transactions. A virtual card option is also available for online transactions.

With the Deel Card contractors can:

– Access money faster: No more waiting for funds to hit their bank account—get instant access to their income.

– Hold their balance in USD: Enjoy the stability of holding your balance in USD; perfect for international contractors with less stable currencies.

– Spend securely: Every transaction made with the Deel Card is secure, giving peace of mind with every payment.

– Accepted around the globe: Wherever contractors go, the Deel Card makes the perfect companion for any journey.