Driving B2B spend with embedded lines of credit

Driving B2B spend with embedded lines of credit

As the payments landscape for B2B organizations continues to digitize to meet customer expectations, the need to seamlessly integrate payments into existing enterprise workflows is paramount. Now, B2B organizations are considering how adding trade credit to payment offerings will enable them to respond to market demands, provide a wholistic view of their payment flows, and build loyalty with every transaction.

Research shows that 82% of B2B buyers would prefer doing business with a vendor that offers invoicing at checkout with 30-, 60- or 90-day terms. Additionally, 48% have reduced time-to-payment by improving payment options and terms for B2B customers.

Worldpay B2B Payments has partnered with TreviPay to include invoicing, via line of credit as one of its payment options. This new merchant-branded payment method allows a business buyer to seamlessly and securely transact on a trade credit account, with TreviPay assuming the credit risk. TreviPay automates the AR process and leverages its own working capital to extend payment terms to the buyer, paying the merchant on a guaranteed schedule.

Worldpay B2B Payments is now integrated with TreviPay, making this a simple and secure plug-in payment option for its merchant customers, enabling them to launch quickly, without significant technical lift. Worldpay B2B Payments’ deep ERP integrations streamline the entire order-to-cash workflow for merchant sales that run through TreviPay, alongside other payment forms that Worldpay B2B Payments accepts.

Through this partnership with TreviPay, Worldpay B2B Payments merchant customers can now expand payment method options, improve their balance sheets, reduce complexity and cost, and, ultimately, grow their B2B revenue. Merchants’ buyers will enjoy increased cash flow, frictionless omnichannel purchasing, B2B-centric invoicing and 30-second onboarding.

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of offering a branded, risk-free trade credit payment option to your business buyers, please contact TreviPay here: [email protected]