Expensify forms accountant Steering Committee to drive product development

Expensify forms accountant Steering Committee to drive product development

Ten global accounting experts join Expensify’s Steering Committee to advise the expense management company on pushing the limits of the accounting industry

Expensify, a payments superapp that helps individuals and businesses around the world simplify the way they manage money across expenses, corporate cards, and bills, today announced a strategic partnership with accounting leaders to help shape the future of the industry for firms and clients alike.

The inaugural Expensify Steering Committee is comprised of:

  • Colman Edwards, Sr Director of Technology at Countsy
  • Deborah Defer, Managing Director, Business Service Outsourcing at BDO
  • Denise Bailey, Principal, Business Systems Consulting Practice Leader at Elliott Davis
  • Denise LeDuc Froemming, President and CEO of California Society of CPAs/CalCPA Education Foundation
  • Dixie McCurley, Partner, Digital Advisory, Client Accounting Services Leader, Cherry Bekaert
  • Keeley Stock, Managing Director, ZEDRA London Global Expansion
  • Kenji Kuramoto, Founder & CEO at Acuity
  • Laura Redmond, Founder and CEO at Redmond Accounting Inc
  • Pete Lopez, Business Development Manager at Kranz Consulting
  • Tina Gregory, Consulting CFO & Head of CFO Team at Early Growth, an Escalon Company

The committee first met in December 2022 at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin to discuss the topic “Every Payment is a Conversation,” which was guided by Expensify’s Founder and CEO David Barrett, COO Anu Muralidharan, and CPO Jason Mills.

Future initiatives, including chat, payroll, and the Expensify wallet, will be discussed in meetings throughout 2023. The next gathering takes place this May at ExpensiCon, a prestigious invite-only accounting conference in Italy where 100 industry professionals and thought leaders will come together for five days of community building, thought leadership, networking, and roundtable sessions.

“We’re delighted to have such a talented and committed group of individuals on the Steering Committee,” said founder and CEO David Barrett. “Their expertise and experience will be invaluable in ensuring that Expensify stays at the forefront of the accounting industry and continues to lead the way.

Expensify Steering Committee Inaugural Meeting, Four Seasons Hotel, Austin, Texas December 2022

Here’s what some of Expensify’s Steering Committee members have to say about this unique partnership:

“I’ve been an Expensify partner and customer for many years and I’m honored for the opportunity to be a member of the Steering Committee,” said Kenji Kuramoto, Founder and CEO of Acuity Accounting. “Expensify’s product has advanced at an incredible pace and to get to work with other industry peers and the Expensify team to continue to shape the product’s future is going to be tremendously fun! I know our work together will positively impact all of our clients and the accounting community who serve small businesses. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, I absolutely cannot wait for ExpensiCon! Being amongst so many people that I admire in the accounting industry against the backdrop of the Italian coastline…. what more can you say besides “perfetto!”

“I’m excited to be a part of the Steering Committee to provide input on taking Expensify to the next level. Looking forward to collaborating with top talent at ExpensiCon!” Denise Bailey, Elliot Davis.

“I’m delighted to have been asked to join the Expensify Steering Committee,” said Keeley Stock, Managing Director of ZEDRA Group London. “Expensify has been an absolute game changer for our clients and the team at ZEDRA over the years. I look forward to working even more closely with my peers and the Expensify team to continue to elevate the fantastic products they provide.”

“Innovation in technology is a top priority for my firm,” said Colman Edwards, Sr Director of Technology at Countsy. “Expensify has always been on the cutting edge of fintech, so it’s exciting to join the Steering Committee and have the chance to give input firsthand into product changes that are optimized for accountants.”