Expensify unveils personal payments and bill splitting for everyone

Expensify unveils personal payments and bill splitting for everyone

Expensify, Inc. announced its foray into personal payments today, with functionality that allows anyone to send and receive money, split bills between individuals and groups, and chat, all within the New Expensify app. As an industry leader, the company has taken nearly 15 years of experience building market-leading business expense management technology and expanded it into the consumer payments space. The result: an app that transitions seamlessly between home and office.

“Expensify is now the financial superapp for your work and personal life, all based atop chat,” says David Barrett (pictured), founder and CEO of Expensify. “It’s a consumer-grade lovechild between WhatsApp, Venmo, and Splitwise, that scales seamlessly up to enterprise-grade receipt scanning, expense reports, and corporate cards.”

Groups of all types can now use Expensify for financial collaboration, including roommates, student orgs, church groups, neighborhood associations, professional societies, and of course, friends.

“Let’s say you’re planning a trip with friends,” Barrett continues. “You start a group chat in New Expensify and decide to book an Airbnb. After it’s booked, you scan the receipt into the same chat, split it between everyone, and the money requests fire off automatically. Your friends pay you back in the app as well, so you’re all settled up in a few taps. Next is groceries, gas, and so on, maybe even scattered across multiple currencies, with everything converted back to a single currency and handled as part of the same conversation.”

Expensify is testing out an early version of bill splitting in New Expensify at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas this week. The company will reimburse groups of attendees who use the app to split their bill for dinner or drinks (up to a capped amount). Conference-goers can stop by booth 12013 at Money20/20 to chat with the Expensify team and activate the promotion.