FICO unlocks enterprise collaboration and operationalizes real-time insights

FICO unlocks enterprise collaboration and operationalizes real-time insights

At its annual FICO World conference this week, global analytics software leader FICO announced major new enhancements to FICO Platform that improve and expand enterprise collaboration. The updates unlock new methods for organizations to break down silos and get more value out of their data and analytics investments. The open and extensible FICO Platform empowers customers to rapidly onboard a wider range of use cases and tap into an ecosystem of data sources and powerful analytics.

“The innovations to FICO Platform include new API enablement, an open ecosystem, and business composability features that foster a more collaborative environment by reducing silos and creating transparency into future outcomes,” said Bill Waid, Chief Product and Technology Officer at FICO. “Plus, with the improvements to our simulation and enterprise optimization capabilities, a business stakeholder can model what would happen, for example, to their company-level credit portfolio if they adjusted their decision criteria to expand credit access or pursue new revenue opportunities. There are nearly unlimited possibilities to how organizations can utilize simulation and optimization to develop, refine, and execute their business strategies.”

Accelerating Innovation Through an Open Ecosystem

FICO Platform enhancements enable businesses to expedite their return on investment in data and analytics. This minimizes vendor lock-in by creating an open ecosystem of data, decision intelligence services supported through APIs, a common repository, and an open and extendable platform. Combined with robust business simulation and digital twin capabilities, organizations can also provide their stakeholders with fine-grained control of enterprise-wide scenario experimentation that drives “what-if” scenarios that can have a direct impact on how to mitigate risk and create outsized results.

FICO Platform customers can now use the latest innovations in AI to consider complex constraints such as available budget, desired profitability and market share, and refine new pricing strategies to discover the optimal actions they need to take. With new engineering improvements, business analysts and domain experts are empowered to leverage optimization modeling that is now up to 8 times faster to build models and 42% faster to solve the mixed integer programming problems that are common in financial services.

“Dock empowers businesses to intercept fraudulent activities, safeguard their operations, and enhance user experiences, ultimately fostering greater customer loyalty,” said Antonio Soares, Chief Executive Officer at Dock. “We are expanding our partnership with FICO to introduce a new product designed to revolutionize credit line management and risk mitigation. This innovative solution leverages real-time transaction-level analysis powered by FICO Platform, allowing customers to optimize authorizations, minimize non-payment risks, and maintain control over exposure levels.”

Driving Deeper Collaboration and Operationalising Insights

FICO empowers business professionals, IT, and data science teams to come together by publishing decision assets and intelligent decision services that become unified across the enterprise. This helps stakeholders redefine what collaborative and efficient workstreams look like for their organizations. It also allows employees to share experimentation results across the company to operationalize AI predictions in real-time and improve business outcomes.

All new enhancements are available to FICO Platform users worldwide today. For more information on the latest enhancements on FICO Platform, please visit: