Kwanti Announces New Integration with Altruist

Kwanti Announces New Integration with Altruist

Kwanti, a portfolio analytics solution aiding financial advisors and investment managers with prospect conversion, client retention, model management, and more, recently announced a new integration with Altruist, a modern custodian built exclusively for RIAs that combines a self-clearing brokerage firm with intuitive software for account opening, trading, reporting, and billing – all in one streamlined solution. Accounts held at Altruist can now be linked into Kwanti, with portfolio data refreshed every night from Altruist to Kwanti.

“The value of a great piece of advisor tech evaporates if it doesn’t play well with the rest of the stack,” said Jason Wenk, Founder and CEO of Altruist. “Now, through our partnership with Kwanti, we’re able to offer a frictionless experience to RIAs that want to pair Altruist’s digital account opening and trading with Kwanti’s powerful suite of portfolio analytics.”

Advisors using both Kwanti and Altruist can leverage Kwanti’s comprehensive suite of analytics – including detailed allocation drill downs, expense and income analysis, and stress testing client portfolios – and now have the ability to view actual performance data that is reconciled daily for their Altruist accounts. Both positions and history are transferred and are refreshed daily with data from previous close.

In addition, Kwanti’s intuitive interface makes it very easy to compare advisors’ user accounts, which they can now seamlessly import to models in Kwanti and access all the model management capabilities of the platform.

“Altruist has captured the attention of numerous advisors who already use Kwanti’s portfolio analytics,” said Christophe Gauthron, CFA®, Founder and CEO of Kwanti. “Our tight integration with Altruist simplifies the tech stack by allowing advisors to manage their client portfolios, analyze models, and prospect for additional business – all within a single framework.”

The Kwanti/Altruist link is now available to both new and current users at no additional cost. Additional details on how to activate the link can be found in Kwanti’s documentation.

Kwanti offers a free 30-day trial, with no software to install and all features available during the trial.