Polly and HousingWire partner to improve and simplify the working lives of mortgage industry professionals

Polly and HousingWire partner to improve and simplify the working lives of mortgage industry professionals

Polly, the leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, today announced the expansion of its partnership with HousingWire, the leading source of news and information for housing and mortgage industry professionals.

As of February 1, 2024, HousingWire’s Mortgage Rates Center rate data is now powered by Polly, cementing the SaaS company’s position as the authority of data in the mortgage capital markets space. For the first time, the Mortgage Rates Center now includes real-time rate data—updated on an hourly basis during market hours—creating a valuable resource for housing and mortgage professionals to acquire timely detail on economic and market data that can impact mortgage pricing and influence better decision making.

An industry institution, HousingWire recognized the immediate value that real-time rate data could provide to its extensive audience. The HousingWire team tapped Polly for this exclusive partnership given the two companies share a mutual commitment to increase the granularity, transparency, and overall visibility into key drivers of mortgage pricing available to the industry. Polly uses advanced data science and diverse data sets to deliver the most accurate representation of rates across the entirety of the mortgage market, revealing significant intraday rate movements that could make or break a sales cycle and enabling industry professionals to make informed, data-driven decisions.

“Real-time mortgage rate data is not just a differentiator; it completely changes the game,” explained Diego Sanchez, President of HousingWire. “We have watched as Polly pioneered innovation and brought a fresh approach to mortgage capital markets technology. The team brought that same innovative spirit and energy to HousingWire’s Mortgage Rates Center. I am absolutely thrilled about what this resource will provide to our audience. The new Mortgage Rates Center provides a combination of real-time information and transparent analysis that simply cannot be obtained anywhere else.”

Logan Mohtashami, renowned expert in the mortgage and housing ecosystem and Lead Analyst at HousingWire added, “The new Mortgage Rates Center is without question the best resource to gather detail on economic and market data that can impact mortgage pricing. Especially in today’s environment, lenders have to stay informed on what is happening as it happens, and particularly how the 10-year yield ties to current mortgage rates. When business can be won or lost in a matter of minutes based on intraday shifts, this information is power.”

“I’ve been an avid HousingWire reader since I began my career in mortgage more than a decade ago, and the publication remains the go-to source for relevant and timely industry information,” commented Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. “We are ecstatic to partner with them as their trusted data provider. Our teams share a mutual passion for providing lenders and other industry participants with granular data, understanding that it is pivotal to keep a pulse on what is happening in the current housing market, and to ensure profitability as the industry continues to evolve.”

“Polly is the perfect partner to power the new Mortgage Rates Center experience,” Sanchez concluded. “I have no doubt that real-time mortgage rates will be of huge benefit to our audience, particularly in today’s market where transparency and visibility can absolutely help a lender make the best decisions for their business.”

The expanded partnership also introduced a new Market Glimpse component on the homepage of the HousingWire website. In addition to real-time mortgage rates powered by Polly, the Market Glimpse will launch with housing inventory data powered by Altos Research. Additional data modules to support decision-making for housing professionals will be incorporated in the near-future.

Polly’s partnership with HousingWire is just one of the many ways it is improving and simplifying the working lives of industry professionals.