Turnkey Lender and Peppermint Innovation partner to power lending technology in the Philippines

Turnkey Lender and Peppermint Innovation partner to power lending technology in the Philippines

TurnKey Lender has welcomed Peppermint Innovation as a new addition to its rapidly expanding client family in Asia.

Peppermint Innovation is an ASX-listed fintech company focused on the commercialization of the Peppermint Platform, a proprietary technology platform targeting four key business sectors – mobile payments, eCommerce, delivery and logistics, and mobile financial services.

The Peppermint Platform is an innovative financial technology solution aimed at delivering financial inclusion to the unbanked and underbanked, facilitating mobile micro-business enterprises and providing consumer confidence.

Peppermint Innovation is powering the company’s own bizmoto non-bank mobile micro-enterprise platform in the Philippines.

This new partnership with TurnKey Lender will assist Peppermint Innovation to deliver all the ‘back-end’ support services and functionality required to deliver its micro-enterprise lending product, bizmoPay, via its bizmoto App.

Peppermint Innovation’s Managing Director and CEO, Chris Kain, said, “The agreement will allow any of bizmoto’s 55,000+ qualified agents, bizmoGo riders and registered network members to seamlessly apply for micro-enterprise loans to grow their business. Our Company objective has always been to deliver an innovative technology solution to facilitate financial inclusion, micro-business enterprise and consumer convenience to the people of the Philippines. We look forward to working with TurnKey Lender to assist us to execute our Company objective.”

Peppermint is awaiting final approval from the Philippines’ Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for its financial lending license which will be a significant milestone in the Company’s strategy to provide an alternative non-bank micro-enterprise lending platform made available via the bizmoto mobile App.

Once approved, micro-enterprise loans will be made available to qualified bizmoto agents, bizmoGo riders and registered network members.

For its part, TurnKey Lender is “Excited to help bizmoto’s user base scale their businesses by means of the smartest and most seamless lending experience available,” says TurnKey Lender CEO Dmitry Voronenko. “We know how important this service is for millions of unbanked and underbanked Filipinos and we are honored to help Peppermint Innovation fulfill a vital mandate.”