US fintech Pico announces Binance plug-in for Corvil Cloud Analytics

US fintech Pico announces Binance plug-in for Corvil Cloud Analytics

US fintech Pico, a leading global provider of mission-critical technology services, software, data and analytics for the financial markets community, today announced the availability of a Binance analytics plug-in for its Corvil Cloud Analytics product on AWS (Amazon Web Services) public cloud environments.

The digital asset market is highly volatile and further compounded by the uncertainty in performance due to the reliance on public cloud infrastructure. While this infrastructure is typically very resilient, it is also non-deterministic in performance relative to traditional finance venues offering colocation facilities. This high variability in performance can impact successful trading outcomes, leaving traders with limited insight into the underlying cause and making it difficult to navigate the market with confidence.

Corvil Cloud Analytics, with the newly released Binance analytics plug-in, now provides real-time infrastructure performance analytics correlated with every order, trade and price update.

“The Corvil Analytics platform architecture enables monthly analytics releases, which are typically specific to a trading venue. The Binance analytics plug-in released this month provides full decryption and decoding of all orders, trade executions and price updates for participants on the Binance exchange,” said Ken Jinks, Executive Director, Product Management at Pico.

“Corvil Cloud Analytics leverages this plug-in to report the full lifecycle of Binance orders alongside the performance of public cloud infrastructure. This tight correlation for every order enables users to identify performance issues in the public cloud infrastructure, their own applications, and the exchange itself.”

Corvil Cloud Analytics addresses critical issues, including:

  • Speed Variability – Corvil Cloud Analytics identifies the fastest trading sessions and provides real-time alerts due to re-routes in the cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Stalled Trading Sessions – Corvil Cloud Analytics pinpoints the cause of any trading session stalls, removing uncertainty and enabling deterministic root causes.
  • Data Session Interruptions – Corvil Cloud Analytics removes ambiguity behind terminated market data sessions, offering visibility and definitive insights into whether the root cause lies with the cloud provider, client application or the exchange.

Corvil Analytics currently provides over 600 analytics plug-ins covering the world’s exchanges, all common middleware message buses, and the ability to support internal proprietary protocols. Corvil Analytics is now rapidly expanding its coverage of the cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges globally to enable management of trade execution performance in public cloud infrastructure.