Workforce management platform Rippling appoints Eisar Lipkovitz as Chief Product Officer

Workforce management platform Rippling appoints Eisar Lipkovitz as Chief Product Officer

Workforce management platform Rippling have today announced the appointment of Eisar Lipkovitz as Chief Product Officer.

“We’re pleased that Eisar is joining Rippling as our new CPO, particularly at this stage of the company’s growth. He will be a transformational leader as we invest hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D this year to build new products, expand into new markets, and enhance our current offering. Rippling was built to enable our clients to accelerate their execution and reach their goals at a faster rate. I’m excited to work with Eisar to do just that and ​​support our clients all around the world,” said Rippling Co-Founder and CEO Parker Conrad.

Rippling’s core thesis is that employee data is critical to a surprisingly large number of business systems, including the ones well outside of HR. Maintaining the fidelity of the same employee data across all these disconnected systems—effectively, across multiple separate databases—is the reason it’s a lot of work for companies to have many different business systems in the first place.

Rippling solves this problem by giving companies and employees a single place to make changes, which then propagate everywhere automatically. The system that does this isn’t just a time-saver—we believe it will be a critical primitive for business software going forward.

Products built on top of a rich graph of data about the organization, employees, and their apps and devices aren’t just easier to manage. They are better as software products—with more intelligent workflows and approvals, better role-based policies and permissions, and more powerful analytics.

“Rippling is a paradigm shift for business software. By consolidating all of a company’s employee data and systems into a single compound suite of business applications, Rippling allows its clients to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Companies and organizations that run on Rippling can automate almost any manual business process, freeing their people to work on more important things. And employees of our clients are delighted to have a consistent and integrated interface which handles all aspects of their interaction with their employer,” said Rippling CPO Eisar Lipkovitz. “Rippling is solving an important challenge and one that deeply impacts businesses all around the world. I’m excited to lead and grow the team as we build great products that ultimately make it easier to run a business.”

Prior to Rippling, Eisar served as Chief Information Officer at JP Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank. Prior to JPMorgan, Eisar served as Lyft’s Executive Vice President, Head of Rideshare, overseeing engineering, product, Data Science, insurance, support and operations.

Additionally, Eisar spent 15 years at Google in various engineering leadership roles, managing teams of several thousand engineers building world class products including Google Search and Google’s Display, Video, and Apps Advertising products.