DeFi Lens launches to build advanced Generative AI for technical analysis

DeFi Lens transforms how traders or crypto users search for alphas, exchange signals & data, and analyze trading strategies.


ConsenSys and BanklessDAO create the first ever partnership model to contribute to DAO ecosystems

Today, ConsenSys, a market-leading blockchain technology company, and BanklessDAO, a decentralized community that aims to help the world go bankless by creating user-friendly products for people to discover decentralized financial technologies, announce plans to develop the world’s first-ever DAOlationship. DAOlationships are a mutually beneficial undertaking between a traditional organization and partner DAOs. They allow employees to learn how to effectively explore DAO culture, experiment with external contributions to the DAO community, and provide a qualified group of potential contributors to help various DAOs in the areas where they need it most. ConsenSys created the DAOlationships program because we are committed to bettering the overall Ethereum ecosystem and the DAO ecosystem. […]