DeFi Lens launches to build advanced Generative AI for technical analysis

DeFi Lens launches to build advanced Generative AI for technical analysis

In the dynamic world of decentralized finance (DeFi), staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a competitive edge is crucial. Oraichain Labs have announced the launch of DeFi Lens, an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform combining Generative AI and Web3 trustworthy proofs to equip traders, especially those using technical analysis (TA) strategies, and crypto enthusiasts with better market signals and insights.

DeFi Lens transforms how traders or crypto users search for alphas, exchange signals & data, and analyze trading strategies.

Revolutionizing Crypto Analysis with AI

DeFi Lens combines popular analytics tools in the crypto market and the power of generative AI. DeFi Lens is a fusion of AI and Web3 to approach real-time market intelligence to facilitate a Web3 future that is more efficient, and accessible than ever before.

DeFi Lens has its key features to compete with other crypto tools in the market:

  • AI Explainer: helps traders understand crypto chart patterns, technical analysis, crypto predictions, data reports, and recommendations.
  • AI Positions: optimizes strategy parameters to identify profitable trading strategies and generate trading signals based on historical data. With thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, numerous signals, and trading strategies, real-time analysis, DeFi Lens aims to solve significant computational challenges with AI-powered automation.
  • Mass Backtesting of Technical Analysis: candlestick patterns, chart indicators, trend following, volume profile, Wyckoff-based VSA/VPA. Signals and strategies are algorithmically verified, with results stored on the blockchain via the Trustworthy Proofs contracts, making crypto trading verifiable.
  • Customizable Alpha Search: 31+ preference settings to conduct alpha search. No-code AI, using natural language to search, is soon available.