Unlock the potential of Generative AI at DataStax’s I Love AI digital event

Unlock the potential of Generative AI at DataStax’s I Love AI digital event

Generative AI, LLMs, AI assistants and intelligent agents are powering next-generation customer experiences, transforming every business. But there is no AI without data. And only the right data delivers accurate, relevant results, with the context, scale and security you need.

I Love AI” is a digital DataStax event set to be held on August 23 and 24, 2023. The event will unlock the power of generative AI, with unique insights into the data platform and AI solutions you need, delivered by experts with real-world experience making AI a reality, today!

This virtual event will help application architects, software developers, practitioners and CTOs learn how to:

  • Deliver AI outcomes with extreme accuracy and relevance
  • Build generative AI apps with scale, governance and data security
  • Overcome the biggest obstacles keeping generative AI from being enterprise ready
  • Deploy powerful vector search capabilities at a fraction of the cost
  • Use cutting edge innovations in the biggest, most powerful vector database (Hint: it’s the one you already own) to accelerate the journey to AI


On August 23, session 1 will focus on the Americas at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

On August 24, session 2 will focus on APAC/EMEA at 9am BST / 10am CEST / 1:30pm IST / 4pm SGT / 6pm AEST.



The Future of AI

Ed Anuff & Davor Bonaci | DataStax

Marty Brodbeck | Priceline

Kelly Vanee | Capital One

Scott Johnston | Docker

The Future of Humans + Machines: Co-Creating with AI

Bernard Marr | Author, Keynote Speaker, Futurist

Hussein Mehanna | Cruise

Rajen Sheth | Kyron Learning

Jaya Gupta | Foundation Capital



Generative AI for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Compliant and 5X cheaper

Chris Latimer & Nikhil Smotra | DataStax & Dataworkz


From Real-Time Events to LLMs, Built in 15 Minutes With No Data Science Experience Needed

Ryan Michael & Preethi Srinivasan | DataStax


Build a Streaming AI Agent Using OpenAI, Vercel, and Astra DB in 10 Lines of Code

Chris Bartholomew & Eric Baer | DataStax & AI Entrepreneur


Building an AI Chatbot with Vertex AI and Astra DB

Alex Leventer & Noel Kenehan | DataStax & Google Cloud


Stop Hallucinating: How the World’s Largest Retrieval Augmented Generation Model Will Perform Better at Fine Tuning

Alan Ho & Tisson Mathew | DataStax & SkyPoint Cloud


The First Petabyte of Vector Data Will Be on Cassandra

Patrick McFadin | DataStax

Aaron Morton | DataStax

Jon Haddad | Consultant

Vinay Chella | Netflix


“I Love AI” will provide unique insights into the data platforms and AI solutions that unlock the power of generative AI. Register today!