Sharesight’s portfolio tracker adds support for 24,000 US mutual funds

Sharesight’s portfolio tracker adds support for 24,000 US mutual funds

Sharesight’s portfolio tracking software now tracks the price and dividend information of over 24,000 US mutual funds, leveraging data from leading investment research firm Morningstar. Support for US mutual funds is a key development in Sharesight’s mission to meet the performance tracking needs of global investors, many of whom invest in the US market.

Today, more than 45% of US households are invested in a mutual fund. With Sharesight’s latest update, investors in US mutual funds can see the performance of these investments along with the rest of their portfolio, with the option to track everything from stocks and ETFs to custom investments such as cash accounts and property. This gives investors a clear picture of the impact these investments are having on their overall portfolio returns.

Utilizing fund data from Morningstar, Sharesight can track the prices of US mutual funds back to 1 January 2000, with prices updated daily by end-of-day. Sharesight currently supports all US mutual funds covered by Morningstar price data, and this number will continue to grow as more funds enter the market and are included in Sharesight’s database.

“With the US being such a crucial market for so many investors worldwide, we’re excited to now offer performance tracking for over 24,000 US mutual funds, in addition to our existing support for a range of leading US brokers and key markets such as the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX,” said Sharesight CEO Doug Morris.

“This really speaks to our mission as a company, which is to provide the best portfolio tracking solution for investors worldwide. With our extensive offering in terms of asset class, market, currency and broker support, investors can see the true performance of their portfolio – automatically and all in one place.”

Unlike the data provided by most brokers, Sharesight’s online portfolio tracker takes into account the impact of capital gains, dividends, brokerage fees and currency fluctuations when calculating returns – giving self-directed investors the complete picture of their performance and empowering them to make better investment decisions.

The US is a key part of Sharesight’s growing international user base, which currently includes over 100 countries. Adding support for US mutual funds is the latest milestone in Sharesight’s goal to make it easy for investors around the world to track their investments, with Sharesight adding support for over 12,000 UK mutual funds in 2020; more than 38,000 Canadian mutual funds in 2017 and the NYSE American, OTCBB and OTC markets in 2018.